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The Shawshank Redemption"

The Shawshank Redemption-1994-3-metre-au-dessus-du-ciel-2-مترجم-n'oublie-jamais-streaming-lucy-action-k-vostfr-espagnol-amour-ouija-films-2018-c-filmywap-bollywood-âge-de-cristal-j'ai-infiltré-le-ku-klux-klan-comedie-francais-guardare-ù-t-filme-hd-ê-o-fim-filme.jpg

The Shawshank Redemption-1994-6-below-96-vin-diesel-hindi-2019-j'ai-infiltré-le-ku-klux-klan-n-2018-j'ai-tué-ma-mere-y-filmes-de-açao-6-harry-potter-historique-oscar-2018-9-filmes-hd-apk-n'oublie-jamais-complet-en-francais-în-limba-română-e.t.mp4


The Shawshank Redemption 1994


171 inscrire au procès-verbal




DAT 1440p


Drama, Crime




Raymond, Angla U. Blaize, Chaim I. Jolyn

The Shawshank Redemption 1994 film complet - The Shawshank Redemption streaming vf hd - The Shawshank Redemption film complet vf

very good movie 9.5/10 محمد الشعراوى
Some birds aren't meant to be caged.

The Shawshank Redemption is written and directed by Frank Darabont. It is an adaptation of the Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, the film portrays the story of Andy Dufresne (Robbins), a banker who is sentenced to two life sentences at Shawshank State Prison for apparently murdering his wife and her lover. Andy finds it tough going but finds solace in the friendship he forms with fellow inmate, Ellis "Red" Redding (Freeman). While things start to pick up when the warden finds Andy a prison job more befitting his talents as a banker. However, the arrival of another inmate is going to vastly change things for all of them.

There was no fanfare or bunting put out for the release of the film back in 94, with a title that didn't give much inkling to anyone about what it was about, and with Columbia Pictures unsure how to market it, Shawshank Redemption barely registered at the box office. However, come Academy Award time the film received several nominations, and although it won none, it stirred up interest in the film for its home entertainment release. The rest, as they say, is history. For the film finally found an audience that saw the film propelled to almost mythical proportions as an endearing modern day classic. Something that has delighted its fans, whilst simultaneously baffling its detractors. One thing is for sure, though, is that which ever side of the Shawshank fence you sit on, the film continues to gather new fans and simply will never go away.

It's possibly the simplicity of it all that sends some haters of the film into cinematic spasms. The implausible plot and an apparent sentimental edge that makes a nonsense of prison life, are but two chief complaints from those that dislike the film with a passion. But when characters are this richly drawn, and so movingly performed, it strikes me as churlish to do down a human drama that's dealing in hope, friendship and faith. The sentimental aspect is indeed there, but that acts as a counterpoint to the suffering, degradation and shattering of the soul involving our protagonist. Cosy prison life you say? No chance. The need for human connection is never more needed than during incarceration, surely? And given the quite terrific performances of Robbins (never better) & Freeman (sublimely making it easy), it's the easiest thing in the world to warm to Andy and Red.

Those in support aren't faring too bad either. Bob Gunton is coiled spring smarm as Warden Norton, James Whitmore is heart achingly great as the "Birdman Of Shawshank," Clancy Brown is menacing as antagonist Capt. Byron Hadley, William Sadler amusing as Heywood & Mark Rolston is impressively vile as Bogs Diamond. Then there's Roger Deakins' lush cinematography as the camera gracefully glides in and out of the prison offering almost ethereal hope to our characters (yes, they are ours). The music pings in conjunction with the emotional flow of the movie too. Thomas Newman's score is mostly piano based, dovetailing neatly with Andy's state of mind, while the excellently selected soundtrack ranges from the likes of Hank Williams to the gorgeous Le Nozze di Figaro by Mozart.

If you love Shawshank then it's a love that lasts a lifetime. Every viewing brings the same array of emotions - anger - revilement - happiness - sadness - inspiration and a warmth that can reduce the most hardened into misty eyed wonderment. Above all else, though, Shawshank offers hope - not just for characters in a movie, but for a better life and a better world for all of us. 10/10
Make way for the best film ever made people. **Make way.**
There is a reason why this movie is at the top of any popular list your will find.
Very strong performances from lead actors and a story line from the literary brilliance of Stephen King (and no, its not a horror).
Sufficient drama and depth to keep you interested and occupied without stupefying your brain. It is the movie that has something for everyone.
It's still puzzling to me why this movie exactly continues to appear in every single best-movies-of-all-time chart. There's a great story, perfect cast, and acting. It really moves me in times when I'm finding myself figuring out things with my annual tax routine reading this article, and accidentally catching myself wondering what my life should be if circumstances had changed so drastically. This movie worth a rewatch by all means, but yet, there's no unique vibe or something - there are thousands of other ones as good as this one.

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Telecharger American History X 1998 Film en Streaming -720p-AAF

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American History X"

American History X-1998-one-piece-unfaithful-7-films-productions-filme-â-9asir-zaki-chan-m-drame-ère-glaciaire-love-p-izle-video-indirme-sitesi-k-films-casablanca-3-sur-rick-grimes-zac-efron-damage-streaming-ita.jpg

American History X-1998-6-hindi-y.-oyuncusu-filme-é-fada-completo-dublado-v-bts-policier-60-secondes-chrono-histoire-d'amour-v-vendetta-émouvant-filmora-é-bom-égyptien-adel-imam-japonais-amour-n'oublie-jamais-bande-annonce-en-anglais-h-daniel-garcia.mp4


American History X 1998


121 minuscule




MP4 1080p






Mazuret, Isadora K. Bryce, Evelyn A. Steeven

American History X 1998 film complet - American History X streaming vf hd - American History X film complet en francais

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Iron Man 2008 Streaming HD - Telecharger Film -720p-M2V

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Iron Man"

Iron Man-2008-xavier-ça-2019-y-filmes-de-açao-promo-video-r-complet-en-francais-7-filmi-izle-afilmywap-h-daniel-garcia-în-siguranță-lion-r-streaming-vf-gomorra-filme-é-fada-completo-y-films-ladies-room-spiderman.jpg

Iron Man-2008-filme-ô-coitado-3-metre-au-dessus-du-ciel-3-مترجم-666-în-siguranță-1-en-vod-8-films-khatrimaza-brad-pitt-film-complet-en-francais-sexisme-histoire-d'ô-film-zombie-g-classification-ça-2-zodiac-action-2017.mp4


Iron Man 2008


129 minute




MP4 1080p


Action, Science Fiction, Adventure


English, فارسی, اردو, العربية


Rodgers, Caraco V. Marois, Simpson O. Evalyne

Iron Man 2008 film complet - Iron Man vostfr anglais - Iron Man film complet en francais

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Imaginative illustration of an epic story. It combines the modern background society, e.g. terrorism, with the unconventional high-tech fantasy. Our leading actor Robert Downey Jr. deeply embodies the soul of the Iron Man in himself. We common people never lived this way :P
**A long form review originally posted in 2010:**

Marking the beginning of the latest Marvel franchise, _The Avengers_, is Jon Favreau's _Iron Man_.

I'm quite fond of Super Hero movies, I don't love them to the same extent that I do the slasher or psychological thriller genres, but they do hold a small place in my heart all to themselves. I'm pretty pumped for this whole "Avengers" thing to come to fruition, 'cause honestly it's all been great so far, starting with Iron Man, whom Robert Downey Jr. (_Natural Born Killers, Gothika, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, A Scanner Darkly, Zodiac, Sherlock Holmes, Due Date_) portrays, and incredibly so.

It's important to set yourself a starting point. More specifically, what I mean is, a reason. Batman's parents were murdered, and his home was destroyedby crime; The Punisher's whole family was murdered in front of him and he big-time snapped; characters like the X-Men and the Fantastic 4 are defending themselves and end up having a penchant for world-saving. Those are all fine, and so long as you have one, I'm happy. But I really kind of like Tony Stark's reason for becoming Iron Man... He's a dick. That's why. He's a dick that supplies the world with the most lethal weapons in existence, and they take lives left, right and centre. Then, he's put through the world where they get used, and finally is told by the person who helped him escape that world, not to waste his life. He believes he is still alive for a reason, he decides that reason is to become a dick that is intent on privatising world peace. Which I think makes perfect sense.

That may have come across as sarcasm, but I was deadly serious. Tony Stark becomes Iron man, and that's why. It works fantastically. We then get to see all the incarnations of his suit, how difficult it was to make, what it runs on, the technology, everything. And I'm a huge fan of back story, which Iron Man delivers.

It's sort of the antithesis of DC's _Batman Begins_. Though they're both young adults that come from money with no family, a British butler (although Iron man's butler Jarvis was transformed into AI for the film [he was an actual person in the comics]), they have a board of directors take care of their family's billionaire business until they're ready to eventually take the reins, they both become "____ Man" and go about saving the innocent, not through superpowers but technology. I'm sure I could go on. But they're also incredibly different. Where Batman is a total bad ass, the gothic unknown defender of the night that uses fear as a weapon to protect his home town, and yet refuses to kill; Iron Man is a bright, shiny, loud attention grabber, who goes all international to fight crime, he wants the world to know he's Iron Man and his enemies are totally lame, so no wonder he has no qualms about killing! Batman's secret identity, Bruce Wayne, is an angsty tosser, that tries way to hard. But Tony Stark, is a witty, brilliant inventor, who has basically harnessed all of Batman's training, strength, weapons, vehicles and flight, improved them, and put them in to a single suit. So though I personally prefer Batman as a hero, I prefer Tony Stark as a character.

The interaction between Stark and Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow (_Se7en, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Royal Tenenbaums, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow_) was incredible. It just goes to show what good casting can achieve, even in an action flick, the dialogue is hilarious and clever. Is it possible for a Super Hero movie to be a bad Super Hero film but a great film? I guess it is.

The antagonists are lacking to say the least, and their dispatching leaves even more to be desired. Which is normally not too huge when you get the rest so perfect, unfortunately, it's a comic book film, about Super Heroes, and Super Villains. They fight one another over and over, in fact that's pretty much what the comics are about in their entirety, so it's quite a major short coming. That being said, it's really the only one that _Iron Man_ has. In a way though, they're a similar comparison to the latest Batman films again; Iron Monger and Whiplash are flashy, but disappointing, where The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul are top notch as bad guys. Whereas Ironman's Obadiah Stane and Ivan Vanko were great characters, but Batman's The Joker is only seen in his villain persona, and Harvey Dent, Jonathan Crane and Henri Ducard are nothing more than vessels for their alter-egos.

All that aside, the film is just plain good, and you don't need to be a fan of Iron Man, Super Heroes or comics in general to enjoy _Iron Man_.


Iron Man did a lot more than just launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was the first comic book movie in a long time to integrate the fantastical nature of superheroes and supervillains into a real world setting with consequences. It also showed how great of a filmmaker Jon Favreau is and rebooted the career of Robert Downey Jr.

For all this, Iron Man is a fantastic movie, still one of the best MCU films. It's so much fun to watch. Yet it displays a lot of intelligence, exploring the internal dilemma of a man profiteering off war when faced with the harsh reality that he is part of a system that corrupts absolutely.

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The Mighty Ducks 1992 streaming vostfr -1080p-FLA

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The Mighty Ducks"

The Mighty Ducks-1992-önerileri-zaki-chan-ô-4k-youtube-complet.t-v-1983-âne-q-مترجم-un-policier-en-français-i-hindi-1997-filme-é-fada-completo-niko-8k.jpg

The Mighty Ducks-1992-y-malayalam-8-films-to-die-for-3-sur-rick-grimes-8-mm-zaki-chan-meilleur-film-ôtez-moi-d'un-doute-w-marocain-l'accusé-3d-ça-2019-france-ô-film-g-classification-3d-2018-policier-2018.mp4

tissus à carreaux

The Mighty Ducks 1992


153 minuscule




FLA 1080p


Comedy, Family




Andréas, Danita T. Prosper, Alanood I. Ruest

The Mighty Ducks 1992 streaming hd - The Mighty Ducks streaming vf hd - The Mighty Ducks film complet vf

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