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The Machinist 2004 Film Streaming -1080p-Sonics-DDP

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The Machinist"

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The Machinist 2004


175 minute




AAF 720p


Thriller, Drama




Camacho, Damario V. Burdett, Fizan B. Wania

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The Dark Knight 2008 Streaming Francais - Telecharger Film -1440p-AAF

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The Dark Knight"

The Dark Knight-2008-6-x-06-turque-300-3-mission-impossible-1-disney-4k-007-james-bond-complet-en-francais-2012-0-filmora-ùstreaming-c'

The Dark Knight-2008-max-4k-h-2017-mission-impossible-5-twilight-önerileri-quotes-ghost-jackie-chan-zabi-p-*-*-*-*-altyazılı-policier-3-idiots-jackie-chan-biyouna.mp4

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The Dark Knight 2008


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FLV 1080p


Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller


English, 普通话


Maribel, Saphary Q. Medhi, Jagjot L. Lulya

The Dark Knight 2008 streaming vostfr - The Dark Knight en streaming - The Dark Knight film complet en francais

Excellent movie. Best of the trilogy. Lovely music. Nolan is a genius. So is Heath Ledger.
This has no competition. It is the very finest comic-book character movie ever made. Knowing the Burton, Donner and Nolan filmic adaptations of Batman and Superman exist helps me to sleep at night. They are Exhibit A of 'How to Make a Comic-Book Movie'. Nothing else has ever come even remotely close. These seven films (I include 'Superman II' because it was mostly Donner's work)--and Nolan's trilogy especially--are what I imagine a great director like Kubrick, Hitchcock or Kurosawa would have come up with, if they had ever been asked to make a Superman or Batman movie. They are the easiest for an audience to identify with because in these the scripts most approximate human emotions and the typical conundrums of the human experience--in short, are the closest, in a good way, they come to the complexities of the human condition. Peerless.
Perhaps the best Batman movie of all times. I think that this Batman trilogy presents the well-known superhero history in an unexpected way with the capable to maintain on the edge of the chair all time.
**Heath Ledger** present an excellent impersonification of a psychopath.
All support roles are magnificent.
And Bruce Wayne role played by Christian Bale, shows a human being behind of the mask.

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Watchmen 2009 Streaming Complete - Telecharger Film -1440p-MP4

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Watchmen 2009


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DAT 1080p


Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction




Bugault, Samir J. Jackee, Kiaron W. Trudeau

Watchmen 2009 film complet - Watchmen blu ray - Watchmen film complet vf

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Jurassic Park"

Jurassic Park-1993-f-izle-noel-italien-disney-un-algérien-9irch-made-in-action-1-1-after-paramount-t-izle-à-voir-absolument-2018-france-ô-film-green-book-the-pyramid-b-video-youtube.jpg

Jurassic Park-1993-baywatch-007-james-bond-complet-en-francais-2012-n'importe-qui-brad-pitt-k-vostfr-xxi-april-2018-4k-download-un-algérien-g-1983-japonais-amour-brad-pitt-mowgli-yamakasi-4k-2018-niko.mp4


Jurassic Park 1993


189 minute




WMV 1440p


Adventure, Science Fiction


English, Español


Runako, Violet V. Mazie, Evette W. Celine

Jurassic Park 1993 streaming vostfr - Jurassic Park en anglais - Jurassic Park film streaming vf

If you somehow missed this movie and have never seen it then watch it immediately. As a young boy of 9 on my way to the cinema I wasn't at all prepared for the on-screen awesomeness I was about to witness, one of the defining movies of my childhood and of the modern age. With special effects that simply blew any and all previous dino movies out of the water, compelling story and the odd comic moment such as the Mr Arnolds arm it really did make that evening something I will remember forever. So successful it went on to spawn 3 sequels, the second was enjoyable, the third not so much. The newest Chris Pratt one, I'll leave that for you but its worth a watch, especially if you want to wash the taste of the 3rd one out of your mouth. It gave me nightmares for weeks, really really wonderful nightmares.
I love it. There are movies coming out right now, 25 years later, with triple the budget (even _Jurassic_ movies) where the effects just cannot hold a candle to _Jurassic Park_. If that was the **only** thing it had going for, it would be enough for me to recommend this movie for all, but make no mistake, _Jurassic Park_ is **great** with or without them (but thank God it's with).

_Final rating:★★★★ - Very strong appeal. A personal favourite._
"Life finds a way… to let us enjoy dinos in theaters"

Filthy rich millionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) is about to open a dinosaur theme park. He invites a couple of experts to satisfy his investors. During a preview tour things go awfully wrong.

While ‘Jurassic Park’ is too simplistic to be a perfect movie it is blockbuster cinema at its very best. Spielberg grabs you by the throat from the get go and you instantly know you’re in for quite a ride.
The story is simple but effective. Author Michael Crichton did his very best to make the cloning dinosaurs part plausible. When you have living giant meat-eaters in your amusement park it’s not hard to come up with something which causes things to go south so fast before you can say T-rex.

The movie works because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The characters are somewhat underdeveloped but their main purpose is to serve as dino treats. The Ian Malcolm character (Jeff Goldblum) is of little use but he’s funny. Grumpy Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) is the perfect counterpart. You can’t help but root for these characters.

What makes the movie stand out are the ground-breaking special effects. Even to this day it’s remarkable what ILM and Stan Winston’s crew achieved. Although a 'Jaws' approach would have perhaps worked better (Love the shot of the T-rex’ leg in the mud) the dinos look so realistic.

What ‘Jurassic Park’ does have in common with 'Jaws' is John Williams’ score. Although not as ominous and iconic as 'Jaws', Williams went for wonderment this time around. Perhaps not regarded as his most famous work it’s amazing. When the experts travel to the island Williams’ score does indeed give you a sense of wonderment. The scene where the visitors first lay eyes on the dinosaurs is movie magic.

Rereleased for its 25th anniversary it’s safe to say we rarely have had more fun in the cinema than while watching 'Jurassic Park'.

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